My enthusiasm for software started with my love of media production. My first program was a horrible 3D sword I made in POV ray when I was 12 years old. Wherever I have worked I always became the head hardware/software guy. After working in various forms of media production for 11 years I transitioned to full time software development 5 years ago. I recently realized that I love software development independent of media production when I became giddy at reducing our database transaction rates.

When I was young I always wanted to maximize my time in front of the computer. As I have spent such a large proportion of my life there, now I am finding an appreciation for working with my hands. I have been dabbling in woodworking and metal working. A love of craftsmanship spans both my professional and personal work. Making something with your hands is also a great way to clear your head after a long day of programming.

I have a peculiar fascination with business for a software developer. I listen to the Economist in the car and I am always interested in the financial strategy aspect of what we are doing. Trying to understand how what we are building will affect the bottom line. This is true for both my personal and professional life.

If I had a personal hero it would be Ed Catmul. He is a modern DaVinci. He wrote graphics algorithms that have been standard for almost 40 years, he was Pixar’s CTO from the beginning, and turned around Disney Animation without firing hardly anyone. I am a huge fan of his view on carefully calculated risk taking, among other things.